Entry: Now I'm ready to close my eyes Saturday, May 22, 2010

I've been single all this time. It's not caused any significant problems. I've dealt with it fairly well. so why do I keep feeling this urge to change it? Why don't I just accept it and get on with things?


October 8, 2012   10:42 PM PDT
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May 22, 2010   03:06 PM PDT
It's one of those questions it's hard to answer. I have single friends who are very content. I have a friend in a relationship now and she's finding it hard to adjust to the level of intimacy he wants all the time. She has to fight to get a liitle space for herself. There are advantages to both lifestyles. Much better to be on your own than in a miserable unhappy relationship-my happily divorced and determined never to marry or live with anyone again friends have taught me that. I always picture myself coupled because I have been for thirty years but someday that may change and I'll need to learn about being single (a widow) too. The prospect does frighten/worry me a bit. I hope to go first. Sorry probably not helping.

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