Entry: Still my heart would benefit from a little tenderness from time to time Saturday, June 19, 2010

I entered the book shop casually, perusing the shelves. I inspected a book by Terry Pratchett, in the certain knowledge that I already owned it. I turned to take in the rest of the store, curious as to whether I'd see anything worth my while. I saw a sale sign and then the girl by the counter. Her short denim skirt made no attempt to conceal her legs, which were bare all the way down to her small cloth shoes, the name for which I know not. They were smooth and slender and a little captivating. As I glanced at her again, she turned, walking in my vague direction, on hand sliding over the short length of denim attempting to do service as a skirt in what can only be described as a sensual manner. The other girl behind the counter asked her a question and she turned again. I did a brief circuit of the central shelves and exited the shop.


June 22, 2010   02:35 PM PDT
You're always running away! Stop doing that.

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