Entry: Heaven help me for the way I am Monday, November 29, 2010

She was working on reception again today.
All day long I've been getting comments like "Why don't you go work somewhere warm, like reception?"

One of the first emails I received today?

"Why don't you come over here and warm up and keep me company?"

I did go over to get something from the other building at one point, when I got back I had an email.

"You should have stayed longer to keep me company."

I can't ask her out directly, I'm still too scared of just going up to somebody and doing that and having been turned down on the crappy attempts I've made doesn't really provide me with the confidence to go any further. She's admitted she's quite flirty but she seems to go further than the effort flirting would take, after all she talks to me, who is crap at flirting properly, more than the married guy in our office who flirts constantly. Although, this could all just be me being insanely masochistically hopeful. I'd probably be better off just giving up entirely from this point on and not bothering any more, but that's always been hard for me to start with and I'm so unused to any level of attention that it makes it even harder.
If she's just playing with me I'm sure it will become apparent soon, at which point I'll probably slip over to hating her and can get on with my life.


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December 3, 2010   01:54 AM PST
Sorry it's so difficult for you. Does it help to tell you I think you are a good guy with a lot to offer and she is really missing out if she doesn't give you a chance?
November 30, 2010   09:26 PM PST
Unfortunately, she may be using you to boost her own ego.

I wouldn't normally draw this type of conclusion except you mentioned before that you've asked her to meet with you on two occasions, at least, and she wiggled out of them.


Given the circumstance of how wishywashy she's being, I would only recommend you asking her one more time on a non-formal date to see how she reacts. If she turns you down again, I'd just give up completely because apparently she's only playing games.
November 30, 2010   12:40 PM PST
I would say she is most definetly flirting with you. I would ask her out in a nice but very direct way. If she turns you down she is a game player and by no means nice unless she is extremely dense and can't see what she is doing to you. If that were the case she wouldn't be the one for you. Stupid people frustrate intelligent ones in long term love relationships. Once the early bloom wears off brains matter a great deal. Good Luck!

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