Entry: When the summer comes a rollin' Monday, April 11, 2011

I've known her for a little while. She's beautiful. Obviously that made me feel she was unlikely to be interested in me. The fact that she worked at our other site made it even less likely, distance things have a tendency not to work. The company closed that site over Christmas and she;s now covering someone else's job for a year at this site. She invited me out to the pub a few times, I figure she's just being friendly, getting in touch with people she knows, declined because of the distance and effort involved. Asked me again on Friday and I accepted because...I don't know why. I wanted to. I wanted to the other times, I'm just scared. But this time I said yes, so she picked me up, we went back to where she's staying, she fed the cat etc etc. Went to the pub, had a drink, went to another pub to meet someone else, another pub another pub. As an aside when she found out she lost her original job she commented I'd be one of the people she'd really miss seeing. And when she asked me to the pub the first time she said she'd looked forward to having a drink with me. Anyway, last bar she made me do Karaoke, hugged me a bit, kissed my cheek, had my photo taken with her. Taxi on the way home hugged close and kissed me a few times. Which took me by surprise. I pulled her back for another kiss. I think we were both pretty drunk by that point. Then she left the taxi at her place and I went home.


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